El 26 de octubre se llevó a cabo en el ciclo de charlas de la Cátedra SAMCA de Nanotecnología  “Thursday´s NanoSpin-off Talks”, la charla “BP-EVs: Extracellular vesicles derived from food industry by-products as a novel platform for drug delivery.”

Our research team has pioneered a drug delivery platform centered around endogenous extracellular vesicles extracted from by-products of the fermented food industry, aptly named ‘By-Products Extracellular Vesicles (BP-EVs)’ (PCT/EP2022/080507). These BP-EVs possess exceptional attributes, both in terms of technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness as nanovectors, with an exceptionally low obtention cost. Moreover, BP-EVs closely mimic the biochemical and morphometric characteristics of vesicles naturally found in fermented foods, rendering them safe for human consumption. This sets them apart from other sources of EVs currently employed as nanovectors, like immortalized cancer cells, which may carry the risk of carcinogenesis. BP-EVs further excel in terms of oral bioavailability and biocompatibility when compared to synthetic nanovectors. Notably, their key technical advantage lies in their remarkable affinity for bone tissue and their capacity to traverse the blood-brain barrier, granting access to the central nervous system. This feature greatly facilitates the targeted delivery of compounds, thereby extending their therapeutic efficacy. In a broader context, harnessing BP-EVs for drug or active compound delivery enables the oral administration of drugs that were previously unsuitable for this route. Targeted delivery also holds promise to offer dose reduction, potentially mitigating several drug-associated side effects. The asset is going to be licensed to the spin-off SCIMBIOTYC in Jan 2024.